Getting Paid, Hour Tracking

Hourly Rate

Instructors are paid at $65/hour.

Hour Commitment

We anticipate the time commitment will be 16-20 hours per week and you’ll be paid for your in-person class time, prep work, office hours, and any project / homework review.

We’ll be limiting capacities at 24 hours for a given week.

The ~24 hours/week assume the prep work, office hours, in-person class-time, grading, etc, as the average hours per week over the duration of your period of instruction. If you plugin your amount of weeks worked, you’ll see the average hourly forecasts.

Please do not exceed these averages - we have a cutoff of max hours at 24 hours/week. We’d encourage you to use the template below.

Tracking Your Hours

We created a template spreadsheet for forecasting & tracking your hours for the program. Use the hour tracking template to track your hours.


We’ll cut you a check or an initiate an ACH transaction after your period of instruction. We’ll be paying you as an independent contractor, 1099.

ACH Payment Form