Software, Systems, Tools

  • YouTube Live Stream
  • Zoom - Livestream all of our classes, which were then published to YouTube. Zoom allowed for remote classes from time to time if students were not able to make it to class and when we had a remote instructor host the classroom, Jake Beard.
  • Slack - Asynchronous communication between students, instructors, and staff. Slack also allowed our students to communicate and collaborate with each other and instructors outside of the classroom.
  • Google Classroom - LMS (Learning Management System). Instructors could post classroom content (i.e. material, assignments, homework, quizzes, resources) and provide feedback to students.
  • - Real-time collaborative programming and code editing.
  • Visual Studio Code Live Share - A code editor that enables real-time collaborative development.
  • Calendly - Facilitating 1-1 meeting times between students and instructors.
  • Google Forms - Issue forms and surveys to instructors, students and TA’s.
  • GitHub